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Oct 31, 2011

Mobile Photoshop-Photo Editor for Java Mobile Free Download


Mobile Photoshop is the best photo editing software for java based mobile. There are many features to edit photo as we use Adobe Photoshop on PC. If you have a little bit interest in Photography , this application will help you to add some effect easily and to enjoy by sharing your photo with your family and friend.

Some of its cool features that you can use:
  1. Reset size.
  2. Transparent cover.
  3. Rotate right/left/up/down.
  4. Swap left-right.
  5. Contrast
  6. Crossing Image.
  7. Black and White.
  8. Negative.
  9. Chalk drawing.
  10. Background color.
  11. Foreground color.
  12. Triangle
  13. insert text
  14. Icon 
  15. Copy pixels 
  16. Random-pixel map 
  17. Random line map 
  18. Vertical Wave 
  19. Level of wave 
  20. Rotate
  21. Round cut 
  22. contour extraction 
  23. Fold down 
  24. cut inside
  25. top virtual real 
  26. Under virtual real 
  27. Left virtual reality 
  28. Real-broken 
  29. Corners transparent 
  30. Internal Transparency 
  31. Random Transparent 
  32. Red Channel 
  33. Green Channel 
  34. Blue Channel 
  35. Vertical adjustment 
  36. Level adjustment 
  37. Upper contraction 
  38. Lower systolic 
  39. Central level 
  40. Vertical middle 
  41. Linear gradient 
  42. Radial Gradient 

For free Download Mobile Photoshop-Photo Editing for Java Mobile  Click Here

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  1. It is nice application. Propaint can also be used to edit image in java phones.

  2. Im using samsung s5230. cant get images to open on photoshop. what am i doing wrong? any help out there? please?


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