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Jul 11, 2011

Become a Html5 Programmer without taking any classes


As you know Html5/Javascript/CSS3 is becoming the universal client
programming platform. All the major companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple,
Facebook, Yahoo, etc. are fully behind it.

Important Note:
 To motivate yourself imagine your program is able to run on Windows 8,
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Phones), and all the other
platforms and devices of the world, and making money for you 24 hours a day )

1. Install Chrome Chrome Developer Channel:

Note: Test the Html5 capabilites and score of your browser by going to this

2. Install Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5:

3. Download and Quickly go through the book Dreamweaver 55.5 Missing Manual
(Don’t spend to much time on it, you will learn by doing it):

4. Watch the following videos to learn Javascript (Just right click and download by selecting save as):

Set 4A: The Basics

Set 4B: The Dom

Set 4C: Adv Javascript

Set 4D: Javascipt The good Parts

5. Download and read the following book in detail:

6. Download and do a Javascript project or two from the book:

7. Download and learn jQuery (it is a very small book):

8. Download and do about 20 or 30 jQuery projects from the book (they are
very small projects):

9. Download and quickly go through this book to learn CSS3 (don’t spend too
much time on it, you will mainly learn by doing it):

10. Download and go over Html5 topic by topic: 

11. Go over the material in detail on the following website:

12. Learn jQuery Mobile from:

13. Learn how to install your Html5 application on iPhone, iPad, and

14. Learn how to install your Html5 application on Windows 8 (Learn from
this site after Sept 13, 2011):

15. Learn Server side web site development using ASP.NET MVC 3 from:

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