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Aug 9, 2011

Microsoft doubles down on HTML5 and Javascript – Now Microsoft Office


minwin 420 90minwin 420 90   Microsoft officials have made it clear that HTML5 and JavaScript are going to be key to Microsoft’s Office 15.
Microsoft is going to be creating a new generation of Office development tools that will focus on HTML5 and JavaScript. And it seems the tools will target not just Office, but also Office 365 as a development platform.
A Microsoft job posting for a software development engineer explains the plan:

“Now is the time to take Office programmability to the next level. We’re a small but strong team within Visual Studio that is currently in the planning stages for Office 15 programmability tools. One of our key goals is to enable professional developers to contribute to the Office platform by making development for Office as easy and fun as building applications for the next version of Windows! Integration of JavaScript/HTML5 will enable developers to create rich applications that span clients and server, integrate with Office 365, enhance the SharePoint experience, and unlock new scenarios that unleash the great potential that lies in the combination of Office and the cloud.”

Another job posting adds some more specifics about the coming new tools:
“Our mission is to provide the next generation of tools for extending functionality in Microsoft and third party applications through scripting, macros, and add-ins. Those tools allow the business application developer to take full advantage of modern programming platforms (e.g., Visual Basic, C#, HTML, JavaScript) to quickly and easily develop innovative customized solutions for their organization.”
It definitely sounds as if Microsoft is doubling down on HTML5 and Javascript for Office.
Can’t wait for the BUILD conference.

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