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Aug 28, 2012

The 8 Samsung Devices Apple wants banned


Apple aims to ban a total of 8 samsung devices after its victory in the US patent case which resulted in awarding it $1.05 billion.
 The board of jury in USA granted Apple about $1 billion in recompenses. Since Samsung’s breach was also reasoned to have been deliberate, the compensations could be tripled. A sanction hearing has been fixed for September 20.
Samsung however won the case in the Korea

Following is the list of Samsung Electronic Devices that Apple wants banned from the market. These Devices have violated patents of the i phone 3G, I phone 4s and other apple manufactures.

  Galaxy S 4G                 

 Galaxy S 4G, which the panel said infringes on 5 of Apple's patents and two claims of look alike. Its damages tally is $73.3 million.

  Galaxy S2 Skyrocket 
The Galaxy S II Skyrocket copied one patent from apple’s designs. It’s damages cost Samsung up to $32.2 million. It was of the least.

   Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
The T-Mobile modification of Samsung's Galaxy S II phone was found to damage on 3 of Apple's patents, summing up to $83.8 million in loss.

Galaxy S2 Epic 4G

Samsung's Galaxy S II Epic totaled up $100.3 million, placing itself as the third most costly of all the infringing devices.

Galaxy S Showcase

The Showcase breached two of Apple’s patents, and two of its trade dresses. Showcase infringed for over $22 million.

Galaxy Prevail

Galaxy Prevail which apple cites as violating 3 of its patents. This device marked a little more $57.8 million in Samsung's losses.

Droid Charge 

Samsung's Droid Charge breached three of Apple's feature patents. In terms of damages, the device summed up  to $50.7 million.

Galaxy S2 AT&T

The Galaxy S II that was sold through AT&T's network breached on four patents. Damages this smartphone caused added up to $40.9 million.

Total Damages: $460.8 million
Apple Got Awarded:$1.05 billion

Thought the Galaxy Note 10.1 also faced some issues releasing in the US however after a trial it was released late and is currently being sold vastly.

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