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Aug 26, 2012

New kindle fire: Release Date


With the release of the Google Nexus 7 which is more on the e-Reader side , Amazon’s next generation Kindle Fire rumors have gained much more speculation. The ASUS built Nexus 7 is now a great contender in the 7-inch tablet category. The device comes with a quad core CPU, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and other advanced features. Surely, Amazon can only challenge Nexus 7 with a more sophisticated edition of Kindle Fire.

The next generation kindle is rumored to be names as kindle fire 2 but still the name is not  yet confirmed because amazon is keeping the things perfectly wrapped right now. They have called a press conference of 6th of September, Santa Monica in which they might release the newer version of Kindle fire.
There is the speculation of  this new device to be very entertainment focused.

Considering the fact it has to be next generation e-book with sleek and stylish looks,light in weight and easy to carry.

The original Kindle Fire was clearly a failure in connectivity and camera aspects. The device doesn’t have cameras, GPS, a micro phone and others. In multimedia capabilities as well, the device is a failure as it is wholly made for e-Reading purpose. The new Kindle Fire will be a different product. It might rather be a complete tablet than a mere e-Reader machine. Indeed, Amazon might design the machine with all essential connectivity and other features including cams. At least a front camera is vital as it brings video chatting to the device.

Coming to the performance side, it would be powered by a Quad Core processor.Sources that talk about a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire tablet say that the device would have Nvidia Tegra 3 with 500 percent better performance.  

Diverse reports are there regarding the display size of the rumored Kindle Fire. Some reports are there of Kindle fire being a 7inch tablet competing the ipad mini and Google Nexus 7. While some other reports mentioned Kindle Fire 2 to be a 10 inch tablet coming to in rivalry zone with iPad and other successful tablets.

Pricing is again the important factor in the tablet war. Google Nexus 7 being tagged at 199USD and the rumors of Windows Surface also going to be available at 199USD, Amazon should have to select the price tag very wisely to make a big mark on the market.

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