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Aug 10, 2012

Microsoft's Improved Email Service


Microsoft's Improved Email Service

The war for providing the best email service on the internet has been quite hot these days with all of the Corp's trying to provide the fastest and yet the coolest looking email service to its users. Microsoft's Hotmail is still the largest Email servie with an estimated over 324 million members in its niche.
Gmail on the other hand which is relatively pretty new has 278 million.

 The proffesional feel in Gmail and great speed has nervous ed microsft to launch its new email service synchronized with your hotmail account known as

Look & FeelMicrosoft's Improved Email Service looks pretty awesome on the outside and is certainly an eye-catcher on the first visit. It’s sparkling, white and striking, even on a cellphone. It seems well-thought when it comes to assignment and 
layout of every element
The ads here unlike on Hotmail are well organized. They appear in a column at the right side of the display, both in your Inbox and 
when reading messages. But they’re plain text unlike Hotmail’s ads that blink every second and turn into a 
nightmare when using a slow internet connection.

Whats New? symbolizes a reconsideration of what the elementary features should be in an e-mail application. It recognizes, for example, that a huge percentage of e-mail these days are auto-generated by various spams and other social networking sites. uses various techniques to re-categorize your emails. It has auto-detectors that search for emails from groups of social media networks, pictures etc.
The storage space is absolutely amazing allowing you to send 300MB attachment limit and also allows you to use Sky Drive Features with it. So Long Google’s 25 MB limit. is now officially out for public preview. Do Check it out and make sure you sign in with your Hotmail ID.

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