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Aug 25, 2012

PS4 and Xbox720: Review, Specs, Price & Latest News


Gaming is considered to be an ultimate experience of today that will take you to a world that is all set blow you away. The top most consoles that promise to do that are probably Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. For almost a decade now the two gaming giants have been head to head to innovate the best gaming console of all time.
Lets first shortly review PS3 and Xbox 360. Ps had a Cell processor developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM while Xbox 360 was backed with Xenon made by IBM. With both of the product doing generally very well we could well expect that the competition just got one step further with PS4 and Xbox 720.


Xbox 720: Unnamed 16 core CPU

PlayStation4: AMD A8-3850 APU

PlayStation 4 is likely to have custom chips based on AMD's A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 discrete GPU. It will pack a quad-core 2.9 GHz processor an an integrated HD 6550D graphics core. The APU will work in tandem with the dedicated HD 7670 GPU which is clocked up to 1 GHz, supports DirectX 11, and is accompanied by 1 GB of dedicated VRAM.

The Xbox would feature an AMD 6000 series GPU similar to the Radeon HD 6670. That specific processor includes support for DirectX11, a feature specified in most next-gen job listings.


Xbox 720: Radeon HD 6670

PlayStation 4: Radeon HD 7670

The next Xbox will use carry two GPUs that aren't Crossfire or SLI. Instead, the GPUs will be able to render separate items simultaneously, independent of each other. The console will feature either a four- or six-core CPU, with one core being reserved for Kinect, and the other for the underlying OS. The GPU's are reportedly equivalent to AMD's 7000 series GPUs. It's been described as "like two PCs taped together".
Other speculations include IBM and Global Foundries manufacturing chips including a PowerPC central Processor from IBM with Radeon HD 7000-series GPU from AMD. 

The PS4 is expected to feature an AMD R10x series GPU @ 800 MHz (Tahiti) with an aggregate 10x RSX performance, 1.84 TFlops along with DX 11.5 support. PS4's GPU is sure to be one of the most powerful GPU's ever!


Xbox 720: 2 GB

PlayStation 4: 2 GB

Game Developers for PS4 want 4GB period, 2GB may not be enough for what they want to accomplish. But that is what it has so far and the 720 will have plenty of ram (not to mention Flash Cache).

At the end of the day, the PS4 leaked specs is obviously next-generation even on paper. We'll have to wait and see, but it seems Microsoft wants to build the ultimate set-top box that does everything and Cloud Gaming will be there main focus once graphics look outdated.


Xbox 720: $299

PlayStation 4: $399

While Xbox 720 is shooting for $299, they expect PS4 to hit $399, that might make sense, but it may be more in the likes of $500 tops. Who knows, but the specs speak for themselves.

Expected Designs:

Xbox 720 :

PlayStation 4:

Release Date

Xbox 720: December 2013

PlayStation 4: Before December 2013

An Extra Feature In PS4 just been announced:

The ultra- HD features in PS4 will support 4K resolution and will be a key feature to the upcoming console. 4K resolution basically describes the pixel count on display and this amounts to 4000 pixels horizontally, much like Quad Full High Definition and Ultra HD. This resolution will not only be expected with movies but also on games, which could be very exciting.

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