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Sep 5, 2012

iPhone5: It's Almost here.


12th september iphone launchInvites have been sent, stage is all set and countdown has begun for this coming Wednesday. It's official now apple has sent invites to the media for an event at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater where the expected to unveil the next version of iPhone.

Invites sent to the media have are tagged as "IT is almost there" and obviously it is going to be the most speculated phone iPhone 5 and the name "5" is also shadowed underneath the September 12th date confirming the name of this new version iPhone. The date is by a blog iMore in the late July which is conformed the other half of the report said that the device will go on sale from September 21st nine days after the launch.

This event is surely going to be the one of the biggest and most waited event of this year and this is going to be the "Climax"  of the all smartphones who have stirred the market this year . Now all ayes are set on iphone, what are they going to pull out.

Although the leaked upgrades of the new iPhone are viral on the internet but among the changes which are expected to be in this new iphone is the larger screen with fourth-generation cellular networks. Numerous components have leaked out over the past few months that hint at some of those features, from screen covers and near-finished cases, right down to the much-rumored smaller dock plug.
But a new development which is quite shocking is that the new iPhone is just going to be named "the new iPhone" (Strange?) as company of keeping the things simple like iMac is always been iMac and Apple TV is always been Apple TV but doing this with the iPhone will create a serious trouble in the market because of the continuous changing version of the cellphones. But this could be rumor because the official invite sent to the media contains 5 underneath.

Now all the curtains are going to be raised on 12 September and "IT'S ALMOST THERE."

here is the exclusive leaked images and hands on video of iPhone 5.

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