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Jan 4, 2014

Howe to create site map for Blogger


Today! I will discuss a tutorial about on How To Create A Sitemap For Blogger Blog. For those who don’t know, Why do we need to create sitemap to our blog?
Basically Sitemap is a list of pages (directory or table of content) of our blog site to easily navigate our blog post.

Actually this is not a sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool this is only a widget developed by Visual studio learn.
Site map get Attention of Search Engine Robot's in your Blogger Blog using Blogger Site Map And RSS/Atom Feed, Sitemap basically help to improving your Blog visibility to Search Engine, And also help to increasing your Tariff and Page ranking of Site/blog,  here be describe a simple way to Create a visible Site map for Your Blogger Blog, and add to in menu Bar and any where you Want, and Get Fully optimization of Search Engine Robot's, Follow Some Below Steps to Create a Site Map For Blogger.

 Follow This Steps For Site Map:-
  1.   Goto and Sing In with Your Exiting Account.
  2.   And Select any Blog "When You Want To Submit This Sitemap".
  3.   Click To Page Tab And Create New Blank Page.
  4.   After Creating blank Page, Click To "HTML" .
  5.   and "Sitemap" in the post title. 
  6. Copy Past code Here.

Code :-
<script src=""></script> <script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script>
 Change with your own homepage url.

Demo :-
For Demo Please Click Here

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