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Jun 25, 2014

Host JavaScript and CSS files for Blogger and How to use Google Code?


Blogger and web designer know how much we should care about coding assets, JavaScript files  and css etc where to host it ? and manage it.

Now in present user experience is more important if user feel bad experience form UI then it will effect site visit and ranking.

There are many  widget JavaScript and  CSS script that makes you site better.

But most off time we have to Upload or host some of these script file to a hosting server.

As blogger I also face many time this issue so I got resolved this issue by Using Google Code. In Google Code we have to create a project and host or upload filed and can easily access via link.

In this tutorial I will show you Where to Host JavaScript and CSS files for Blogger? and How to use Google Code?

To store files on Google code, you should have required
1) some codes or code files
2) a Google account.

1: Go to  and click on create a new project.

2: Now fill the details as shown below image. Then click on Create project button.

3: In next window, click on Source tab and then Browse tab. You can see a screen like below image. here you can store your CSS and JavaScript files directly .
You also can Select a Directory and create and Upload files.
On the next screen, you can see your uploaded file. In my case, it’s my CSS file. You will see a link “View raw file”. and Copy this link and finally  you can link your hosted CSS file or JavaScript file easily to your Blogger blog or websites.

Example :-
In my case Css file link is ""
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

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