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Jul 20, 2016

Create Installer Projects in Visual Studio 2013


After completing the development of your desktop Application. The next phase is to deployment or installation of that application.

For this you need to create a setup of your project, then you just need to give the setup file to the users or your client so they can install and use your application.

In Visual Studio 10 or prior edition, has built in functionality to create setup file using Installer Projects. But in Visual Studio 13 and next edition you need to install an extension first and then you can create.
Today I gonna share how to create Setup file of your application using Installer Project and Install shield in Visual studio 2013.

Installer Project
First, install relevant extension  according to Visual studio version.
Visual Studio 2013 download
Visual Studio 2015 download
After installation, the setup creation process is similar as was in visual studio 2010 and I have already posted a tutorial Create Setup File in Visual Studio 2010.

Install shield
please follow the below videos which show you create setup file using Install shield. 

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