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Jun 30, 2011

Java Contents Page


 This free Home and Learn course is for those wishing to learn the Java programming language. It is aimed at complete beginners to the subject, and no knowledge is assumed. The software you need to do the course is set out below, in the "What you need to get started" link. Once you have downloaded everything you need, you can make start by following the links on this page. Good luck!

Section One > Getting Started with Java

1. What you need to get started
2. The Netbeans Software
3. Java Comments
4. The Structure of Java Code

5. How to Run your Java Programmes
6. Printing to the Output Window
7. Sharing your programmes with others

Section Two > Variables

1. Integer Variables in Java
2. Double Variables
3. Short and Float
4. Operator_Precedence

5. Java String Variables
6. Getting Input from the User
7. Option Panes

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