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Jul 19, 2011

1 lakh additional jobs by 2015 in Cloud computing


The cloud market in India is expected to create 1 lakh additional jobs by 2015, creating  a huge demand for skilled manpower to address cloud computing  implementation in India, according to a recent study.
The number of jobs in the private cloud market, which is  around 10,000 today will jump up significantly following  increased preference in cloud adoption in the next five years in India, a study by EMC Corporation and Zinnov Management   Consulting, a leading management consulting firm said.
The $400-million cloud market in India is expected to reach a market value of $4.5 billion by 2015, of which private cloud adoption will dominate and account for $3.5 billion in revenues, growing at over 60  per cent.
Cloud spend of IT is expected to grow from 1.4 per cent in 2010 to 8.2 per cent by 2015. IT/IES, Telecom, BFSI,  Manufacturing verticals and government is expected to lead spends in this, as per the study tittled "Private Cloud  Landscape in India".
Going forward, Indian IT services will be called on to  provide private cloud to global enterprises. 
However, getting skilled manpower to address this huge  opportunity is going to be a challenge. Companies today are under-skilled in addressing the cloud  computing implementations in India, according to Pari  Natarajan, CEO, Zinnov Mangament Consulting.
Companies will have to invest in competency building internally to take advantage of cloud computing technologies.  They would also need to train senior talent pool to leverage these opportunities, he said. Manoj Chugh, President EMC India and SAARC, said job creation would demand re-skilling of manpower, creating huge opportunities for cloud training vendor.
Early training for cloud computing will come from organisations itself, which would train their manpower  internally. It will later move to tie up between training vendors and  academia and be followed by academia itself introducing   courses in the subject.
The career prospects would include being a cloud  architect and moving on to being a specialist in storage and networks among others, said Chugh from EMC, a leader in enabling  businesses and services providers to transform their operations.
"Cloud computing is expected to reshape the Indian IT market by generating new opportunities for IT vendors and  driving in traditional IT offerings. Chances are high that companies that are not adopting IT today and don't have a major investments in data centres and server farms will directly move into the cloud  model," Pari said.
In the government sector, cloud computing is expected to  see greater adoption. The rollout of the UID programme and  various services linked to UID is expected to create a huge  opportunities in the government sector, said Pari. 
According to the study, private cloud is expected to see an increased preference over public cloud over the next five  years as the latter was being hindered by issues related to  data security, latency, corporate governance and auditing and   vendor lock in.
Deployment of private cloud is expected to deliver upto 50 per cent saving to Indian enterprises on IT investment    on  average compared with a legacy IT model, with cost  optimisation in some of the areas.
Currently, IT/ITes contributes to 19 per cent of the   total cloud market in India, followed by Telecom at 18, BFSI  at 15 per cent, manufacturing at 14 per cent and government at   12 per cent.

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