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Sep 28, 2011

Download Visual Studio 11 Preview


With the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview , here comes the Visual Studio 11 Preview .
Microsoft has released the Preview of Visual Studio 11 which is the next version of Visual Studio .
If you are a MSDN Subscriber , you can download Visual STudio 11 Preview here .
If you are not a MSDN subscriber , you might have to wait for few more days before you can download it .
But wait a minute , if you downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview , you would have noticed the Visual Studio 11 Preview Express Edition bundled together :)

The Visual Studio 11 Preview download includes the preview of .NET 4.5 and can be installed along side previous versions of Visual STudio under Windows 7 .
I am gonna try it on my Windows 8 Developer preview :)
Whats so special about this version ??
Well , i am looking forward for the .NET for Metro to create applications for Windows 8 . It uses WinRT subsystem to create ite graphics and interface with the kernel .
Want to know more about Visual Studio 11 Preview ? . Visit Jason’s Blog to know more .

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