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Aug 12, 2012

The Highest Mega Pixel Camera Phone Ever Made


The Highest Mega Pixel Camera Phone Ever Made
Are you a photo enthusiast?? If yes, then here is parcel for you from heaven.
Nokia 808 PureView
                   The Nokia 808 PureView's excellent, envelope-pushing 41-megapixel camera will satisfy photo enthusiasts. It also has strong battery life, an HDMI port, and steady call quality. But the sad part is that even if you're only interested in its sharp, innovative camera, the Nokia 808 PureView's weak Symbian Belle OS and slower processor make it a pricey investment, especially since Symbian's days are numbered.

Picture Quality                   
The Highest Mega Pixel Camera Phone Ever Made
 The PureView's photo quality lives up to the hype. Yes, the camera does have a 41-megapixel sensor and it is K.O for a smartphone camera -- at least on the surface. While it actually does do pretty well at resolving detail when you use that full resolution, that was never really the point. It's Nokia's oversampling technology that turns those those 41 megapixels into 3, 5, or 8 megapixels that's important. The PureView's lens features a large f2.4 aperture with a 26mm focal length for 16:9 and 28mm for 4:3 aspect ratio photos. The combination along with the large sensor size will give you some nice background blur for close-ups; the PureView can focus as close as 6 inches from a subject.
                       The PureView works really well when left in fully automatic or popped into one of its eight scene modes, but Nokia's included a Creative mode for those who like more control. You can set up up to three custom groups of settings with choices of sensor mode and resolution, aspect ratio, JPEG quality, color tones (normal, vivid, black-and-white, and sepia), and capture mode (normal, bracketing, interval, and self-timer). There are sliders for saturation, contrast, and sharpness, too. This mode also gives you control over white balance (though leaving it in auto was safe almost all the time); focus mode (infinity, hyperfocal, close-up, and automatic); ISO sensitivity from 50 to 1600; exposure compensation with a histogram; and the lens' neutral density filter. Though there's no direct control over shutter speed, by turning the ND filter off or on you can speed it up or create a long exposure up to 2.7 seconds. There's no HDR mode to help out here either, but you can use the bracketed shooting option to create your own HDR shot with software.
Video quality is just as good as its stills. With plenty of light you get excellent results, but in low light things look softer and noisier (though still completely watchable). Zoom is increased to 4x for full HD movies and movement is smooth -- no jerky stops here. Audio quality is great, too.
The Highest Mega Pixel Camera Phone Ever Made
Processor and battery life
The PureView runs on a 1.3GHz single-core processor; I won't lie, it felt sluggish compared with today's blazing infernos, especially when waiting for keyboards to pop up and apps to load. If you're less exacting, you probably wouldn't describe it as slow. The 1,400mAh battery has a rated talk time of 11 hours over GSM and 6.5 hours over WCDMA. Standby time ratings come in at 19.4 days over GSM and 22.5 days over WCDMA.

Although Nokia PureView caters massive 41 megapixel but I n the race of blazing fast processors it is left far behind others. However, the 808 PureView's strong build quality and willingness to take risks in camera innovation demonstrate Nokia's promise as a continued Windows Phone handset-maker, despite shaky financials and a clouded future.

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