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Nov 24, 2012

Database is very slow, Why ?


Database is very slow, Why ?
To Day I will Explain you  Some Reasons, why a Data base Become slow (Normally When there is more Data).

In Student Life Projects we can not experience this kinds of issues because in student life Normally our Data Base may contain 10-30 tables maximum and Each table may contain 100-300 rows or above .Data base has no over head and we cannot experience Serious Issues.

But What Happen when there is a data base that may have at least 900-1000 table and each table may contain 10,000- 1,000,00 or above rows then we can Faces Serious issue like Data base is Slow....
Data base Performance is not good. Data retrieval time is too high and etc.

Following are some Issue which may Help you situation like above.

Lets Suppose a senior or Situation.
Data base is very slow. Even a small query of inner join which result in 200 rows is taking 6 minutes. 

Some possibilities for which Database is slow and how you come out of this? 
Following reasons which may Causes for Slow Data Base Performance.

1. Which SQL Server Edition and Version you using ? 
2. Your total Hard Disk capasity.( Each Drive wise) and Free available space on each drive ? 
3. In which drive you have Data file and Log File of your database (Which is slow database) ? 
4. In which drive you have TempDB database ? 
5. What about the Initial size of your TempDB Database ? 
6. What about the Growth size(In Percentage or MB) of your TempDB Database ? 
7. How many tables are there in your Database ? 
8. How many Filegroups you have in your Database ? 
9. In Each Filegroup, How many tables you have ? 
10. What about the Initial size of your Database ? 
11. What about the Growth size(In Percentage or MB) of your Database ? 
12. Do you using any Partitions ? 
13. If so, Give detail info ( Filegroups, Partition Type, Range,...Etc) 
14. What about Fragmentation level of each Tables/Indexes ? 
15. What about Statistics on each Column/Tables ? 
16. Do you have scheduled any maintenance plan / Job ? 
17. Whevever you execute a Query, What kind of "Wait Type" held ? 
18. What about your network bandwidth ? 
19. Whenever you using SQL Server(for each activity), How your DB Server's Processor, Memory behaving(High/Low) ? 
20. How many records you have on your each Tables which is used in your JOINs. 
21. We need Execution plan for the slow running queries with statistics. 
22. Do you using any Read-Only filegroup on your database ? If so, How many and What are the tables you have on that Filegroup ? 

These are the Basic considerations on Slow running queries/Database objects/Databases.

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