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Aug 20, 2013

Get Client IP Address , Host name and Current User in Oracle and SQL Server


Today I show how to get Client IP Address, Host name and Current Data base user in Sql Server and Oracle.

It very Use full security purposes and in case of any illegal or unauthorized activity is perform on your Database so you can Track and Trace how, when  and who is performed that  illegal or unauthorized activity.

Get Client IP Adrres , Host name and Current User in Oracle
Follow the below Query

select SYS_CONTEXT ('userenv', 'ip_address') as IP_Address, SYS_CONTEXT ('userenv', 'os_user') as Os_USER, SYS_CONTEXT ('userenv', 'host') as HOST, SYS_CONTEXT ('userenv', 'current_user') as DB_USER from dual;
After you have got client or User Information you can save these information in table at the time when a user is Inserting ,Updating and Deleting Records by using Triggers and any other way.
For more Values in SYS_CONTEXT function.
Get Client IP Adrres , Host name and Current User in SQL SERVER
Follow the below Query
--Create a function which return User/Client IP address. CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[GetCurrentIP] () RETURNS varchar(255) AS BEGIN DECLARE @IP_Address varchar(255); SELECT @IP_Address = client_net_address FROM sys.dm_exec_connections WHERE Session_id = @@SPID; Return @IP_Address; END; --How to Access this Funcation. select GetCurrentIP() from dual; -You can Also Uss this select session_id, net_transport, protocol_type, client_net_address, client_tcp_port, local_net_address, connection_id from sys.dm_exec_connections; select session_id, login_time, host_name, client_version from sys.dm_exec_sessions;

For More Information about sys.dm_exec_connections and sys.dm_exec_sessions.

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