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Aug 22, 2012

Latest From Samsung Apple Case:Jury Deliberates In Patent Trial


Samsung Apple Patent Case
Jurors began proceedings on Wednesday in a multi- billion dollar patent violation case contrasting Appleagainst Samsung over the design of iPhones and iPads.

Apple is demanding Samsung pay it $US2.5 billion ($2.38 billion) for allegedly stealing the design technology of the iPad and iPhone to create illegal knockoffs. Samsung counters that Apple stole its technology and is demanding $399 million.
It will be a three week long trial that shall decide the fate of the 2 companies. The expected decision might be delayed because of the excessive money at stake and the respect of the leading companies in technology.

It took the judge over two hours to announce the 109 pages of directives  to the jury. As a decision is reached, jurors must fill out a 20-page form that includes dozens of check-off boxes.
Apple retains the position that Samsung should compensate the company $2.5 billion for breaking off its iPhone and iPad tablets technology when it promoted opposing devices.
Attorneys for Samsung asked the jury to award it $399 million after claiming Apple used Samsung technology without proper compensation.
It is said that it might take the jury a complete day just to plan a routine and system to examine through the actualities and instigate actual discussions.
During concluding arguments on Tuesday, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said Samsung was having a “crisis of design” after the launch of the iPhone, and executives with the South Korean company were determined to illegally cash in on the success of the revolutionary device.
Samsung’s lawyer refuted that they were legally giving consumers what they wanted i.e. Smart phones with large displays. They say they didn’t disrespect any of Apple’s patents and additionally claimed that Apple’s claimed inventions were actually created by other companies.
The case went to the jury after last-minute talks between chief executives failed to resolve the dispute.

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