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Sep 9, 2012

What Is DevExpress: Installation And Introduction


To Day i will show you How to Use Dev Express in visual studio and Discuss Why we use Dev Express. This will be a basic Introduction of Dev Express.
Now lets Start ,
Dev Express is an External  Library or Tool Kit, that provides Lots of  Easy Yet Well Designed and User interactive Controls for .Net Technologies like Windows Forms,, Windows 8, WPF, Silver light and Code rush. It Also Support Delphi VCL.

Why Use:- 
Dev Express Provides Beautiful design and rich user experiences making it the center of the development SCENE. Your existing applications now must run on an array of mobile devices, like iPads, slates and mobile phones. Focus on great design principles − DXperience 12.1 by Dev Express helps you realize your creative vision.

Dev Express Helps Developers to Develop the Next generation Native, rich, well Designed Business Enterprise Applications in less Time. Because of Dev Express Developers Only Need to Focus on their Programming Skills freeing them of the designing phase.

How to Use Dev Express in visual studio:-
1) First Download Dev Express Toolkit
2) and then Install It
 Watch The Following Video For Installation and Basic Introduction

and Sample Application on Dev Express :

Will be uploading more stuff about Dev Express. Please Stay Tuned!! If you Are new to programming Then You Better Check Out Asp.Net Tutorials First.

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  1. If The Video doesn't open up here kindly try opening it on Youtube

  2. it does not make sense to pay a lot of money you can do yourself with visual studio...


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