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Sep 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Release: Rumor Roundup, Expectations, Final Leaks & Event Timings


iPhone 5
Mother Earth will no longer be a same place to live as tomorrow the world shall witness the enthralling and nail-biting(for Samsung lol) release of the magnificent iPhone 5. But before it is released let us now summarize everything we have yet known about this soon to be apple’s most remarkable achievement of the century. If you have missed out on all the hype on the internet then this post will surely give you an exact round up of what man knows of the most awaited phone of the era. Starting off with the specs:
iPhone 5 design

Leaked Specs

iPhone 5 iPhone 5 - 7.6mm thick, metal casing, non-removable battery

Screen Size
4in IPS, 1,136 x 640 resolution

1GB RAM, S5L8950X CPU (A5x variant), cores TBC

iphone 5 cameraCamera

8MP LED Flash

Greater than $299


The most prominent threat that the i phone 5 faces is the samung’s S3. Find out the exclusive comparison and details of the above mentioned specs here. 

Samsung S3 vs iPhone 5.


Final Last Moment Leaks

Following are the exclusive leaked HD final images that were last seen of the iPhone. This is what is expected to be unveiled tomorrow at the Media Event.

iPhone 5


iPhone 5


 For more leaked images and MOST OF ALL Exclusive VIDEO Of iPhone 5. Please Check out this earlier post of ours. iPhone5:Exclusive Video.

Event Timings

It will be at 10am pacific time!

 Hope you guys found this information informative. Before you buy the phone make sure you read the Before Buy. Peace Out.




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