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Aug 27, 2012

IFA 2012: Consumer Electronics Unlimited


IFA – Build your business success

IFA 2012 LogoBe among the first to experience the latest products at the world‘s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. IFA in Berlin is the industry‘s top trade event. Be there when the world‘s major manufacturers present their innovations to the market, the media and the experts.
Key digital lifestyle products will be a main focus – from smart TVs, tablets and smart phones, to high-end coffee machines. Keynotes, presentations and technical forums address trends ranging from social media and smart homes to eco sustainability. As a global showcase for the digital world, IFA prepares visitors for future innovations and opportunities.
IFA offers visitors a concise overview of new technologies and market highlights. Take advantage of this edge on information and reap the benefits of IFA for your year-end business.

   IFA 2012, is about to start in Berlin on 31 August and major tech companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, etc are expected to show off their products. Samsung is also expected to announce the launch of its Galaxy Note phone on the 29 of August ahead of the IFA where as Samsung hybrid Series 5 Windows 8 tablet is expecting a launch at IFA 2012.

Opening hours at IFA 2012

IFA 2012 will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily from 31 August to 5 September 2012. Trade visitors will have access to the International Trade Visitor Reception starting at 8 a.m., already two hours before the fair officially opens to the public.

 IFA iZone - special exhibition area for Mac, iTech products and Apps

ifa2012 The producers of software and applications, distributors and manufacturers of accessories offer their audience at the IFA iZone solutions for the booming iTech market. Every aspect of the IFA iZone has been carefully planned to provide an attractive display for the general public and for trade visitors. The keen demand for this new concept by companies from Europe, Asia and the USA confirms its effectiveness.
Hall 15.1/16

FA eLibrary - Newspapers and Books for Tablets and eReaders

ifa2012The IFA eLibrary is the world’s only ePublishing business platform for device manufacturers, media publishing companies and publishers. The media world of eBooks, newspapers and magazines will be represented in this newly styled special display area.
Are you interested in presenting your company and its products in this environment?
Hall 14.1

IFA TecWatch - Technology for the markets of tomorrow

The exhibits cover a wide range of themes and include new display technologies and components, the 3-D and Super HD solutions of tomorrow, a combination of virtual and real worlds (augmented reality) and the „cloud”, a place where numerous new applications ranging from entertainment to services meet. Among the highlights is the ’E-Haus’, a model of a fully networked home environment which, presented by the ZVEH, ZVEI and VDE, demonstrates life in the smart home. Visitors can find out what forward-looking technology is already capable of: energy saving, house surveillance, remote monitoring of important functions and easy control of various media.
Hall 11.1

Usability Park - A special design exhibition

ifa 2012
The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) has been organizing the special design exhibition Usability Park in cooperation with the IFA since 2008. The Usability park is a design special, a platform for businesses as well as users, to grapple with the subjects of design and usability. In this way, good design becomes something tangible.
Hall 9

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