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Aug 17, 2012

The Best Phone's Of All Time:Top Rated List


Cellphones are almost carried everywhere now in restrooms too [:P] which clearly depicts the importance of having the right cellphone, here you are with the best cellphones ever out in the market in their respective category. Have a look at it to choose “the ONE”.
Topping all of them is "Samsung Galaxy s3 “the Smartphoneking” being the complete package cellphone.

SamsungGalaxy S3 (the smart phone king)

Samsung S3
The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes fully loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4G LTE/HSPA+ 42 capability, a zippy dual-core processor, and a strong 8-megapixel camera. S Beam is an excellent software enhancement, and the handset's price is right. The Galaxy S3's screen is too dim, and Samsung's Siri competitor, S Voice, disappointed.
Pumped with high-performing hardware and creative software features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent, top-end phone that's neck and neck with the HTC One X

HTC One X (the beat box)

HTC One X (the beat box)
The futuristically-styled HTC One X offers Android fans plenty to like, such as a massive, bright 4.7-inch screen, blazing 4G LTE data speeds, a powerful camera, and zippy performance running Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.Sadly, HTC One X owners can't claim quad-core bragging rights. Also, the non removable battery and lack of SD card slot weaken an otherwise incredible Android smartphone.
Although HTC one X don’t have Quad core processor but HTC one X proves to be blazing fast.

Apple iPhone 4S (Media Power House)

Apple iPhone 4S
Apple's iPhone 4S has a faster processor and an upgraded camera, all the benefits of iOS 5, and a useful and immensely fun voice assistant. But It's about time we get a larger screen.The iPhone 4S isn't the king of cell phones, but it's part of the royal family nonetheless. Even without 4G and a giant screen, this phone's smart(ass) voice assistant, Siri, the benefits of iOS 5, and its spectacular camera make it a top choice for anyone beside the new iPhone 5 is causing a serious stir in the market right now with release dates not far.

Samsung Gusto2 (Best simple phone)

Samsung Gusto2
You'd be shocked how many people google for non-smartphone recommendations, especially when looking for something cheap, sturdy, and straightforward. The Gusto 2 is all those, has strong call quality, and adds additional senior-focused features. Additional accessibility features are a bonus package
But there is quite a bad side of this cellphone which will let only some serious non-smartphone users looking for best call quality and comfort to hunt for it despite some minor flaws. 

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