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Aug 14, 2012

Use Your Facebook To Earn Some Serious Cash


Use Your Facebook To Earn Some Serious Cash
If you have been using Facebook for a while, I bet you’ve heard this before! This article will teach you as to how exactly you can make money using this social giant.
Thanks to some very useful and user friendly applications, today almost anyone who has a Facebook page, can make money in a variety of ways. With one simple installation, you can be on your way to make money on Facebook. Of course like any other methods of making money, specifically making money online, it takes hard work and persistence to be able to make a decent amount of money on Facebook. Although these applications make it very easy to get on the path of making money with face book, its the strategy and a well thought out plan, combined with persistence and hard work, that ultimately factors in your success or failure in making money with Facebook.
Whether it be your own development, a shirt you designed, or ancient junk you have left around, there’s probably an application out there that can help you earn some extra bucks.CafePress – Check this app out and using it you can sell literally anything on your Facebook page. A great app to earn your way selling stuff and an amazing alternate for an ecommerce website.
Use Your Facebook To Earn Some Serious Cash

e3buy Auction – Works with the e3buy auction site so you can add auctions to your profile as well as open a store.
Use Your Facebook To Earn Some Serious Cash

eBay – From the best known of the online auction houses, highlight anything you’re selling on eBay to your friends on Facebook.

Garage Sale – In association with, Garage Sale allows you to sell your items to your friends, like that box of old books, your bike, etc.
Shopit – Got some spare CDs you need to dump? Regretting that HD DVD player you bought? Create a simple store and sell off your items to your friends via this store application.

Lemonade – Works just like it’s parent site, Pick items you like from a selection of sites, add the widget to your profile, make a commission on anything that sells.

My Merch Store – Create your products with Zazzle and then you can sell them on their website as well as via your Facebook profile.

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