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Sep 1, 2012

Whats New in Technology: Latest IT News For The Week


Weekend Round Up
This post is going to highlight all the latest news and happenings in the world of technology for the past week starting form 25th August to the 1st of September 2012.

With the world’s biggest trade show IFA happening at Berlin, Samsung's win at Tokyo, New lineup of Hybrid PCs , product updates from Apple and new developments in the Apple vs Samsung "The War of The Giants" the whole tech world express is switched to top gear now and is moving fast. Buckle up your seat belts for it seems like a bumpy ride ahead!

So my dear friends, if your busy schedule has kept you away from technology updates and you hate that you missed out on all the exciting news, "Worry No More" for we will keep you in the circle with a summarized tech round up every weekend. Without Any Further Ado!!! Lets begin this week's tech round up :-

1.Samsung at IFA

Samsung At IFA
Samsung has really stolen the show at IFA by taking wrapper off from a *NEW* variety of awesome phones, tablets and even a compact cameras which runs Android Operating System, the mobile OS more commonly found on Smartphones. Although having a set back by losing the case against Apple at U.S, the momentum of Samsung instead of dropping down has now paced up more with the brilliant exhibition at IFA. Samsung held two Press conferences and bombarded the media with three hours o f new products in every category where as Apple just threw out one.  Samsung also targeted apple byquotations at the opening of the show like “What you see here is pureinnovation”.
The Products they displayed included Galaxy Note II, ATIV Tab, Series 5, Series 7 Slates, ATIV Smart PC, ATIV S Windows Phone a.k.a the “Superphone” and Galaxy Camera.

Galaxy Note II

GALAXY Note 10.1 is equipped with the functionality and accuracy of a pen and paper on its big display, providing limitless potential for the user to express their creativity with a touch of excellence. Samsung supports this with a Quad Core 1.4GHz processor and an internal 2GB RAM making it more of a Complete tablet rather than a smart phone.
Click here for the full review and hands on video.


ATIV tab
The Ativ Tab is a 10.1 inch tablet which runs Windows 8 RT the lighter version of windows 8 and will have a USB 2.0 port, NFC capabilities, and average screen resolution of 1366 x 768 which will be powered by a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor.

Series 5 and Series 7 Slates and ATIVSmart PC

These three device are windows 8 based touchscreen PCs work just as same as the S-pen with Galaxy Note and ATIV tab. They are the new hybrid lineup PCs with detachable keyboard docks, so it can upgrade to a higher level of convenience by using it as laptop too.
ATIV Smart PCThe Series 5 is more on the consumer side, with a 1366×768 display, while on the other side the Series 7 is more tilted at power users; with a considerably better 1920×1080 display, 128GB Solid State Drive and 4GB of RAM.

With the keyboard dock, the Series 7 will cost $1199 at launch.
The Series 5 will be cheaper at $749 with the keyboard and $649 without.

Where as ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro which are exactly similar to the Series 5 and 7 slates, nevertheless the Pro noticeably beats the specs of both the Series 5 and 7 with the storage 256GB and a USB 3.0 port for a more sophisticated connectivity.
Right now there is no information about their price and availability.

ATIV S Windows Phone.

ATIV S is the show stealer of the IFA 2012 being the most powerful and slimmest Windows Phone yet loaded Windows Phone 8 and first of the big lineup of Windows phone coming this year, equipped with the following features.


Thickness: Crazily slim with thickness of 8.7mm 
Samsung ATIV S
Chassis: brushed aluminum
Display: huge 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2, tough to break but still light in weight.
Processor:  1.5 GHz dual-core
RAM: 1GB on board
Rear Camera: 8Megapixel auto-focus with LED flash.
Front Camera: 1.9Megapixel
Storage: 16GB or 32GB – and both models have a MicroSD slot for expanded storage.
Battery: Backing this entire powerhouse is a massive 2300mAh battery to keep you rocking all day.

Click here for full review.

Galaxy Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera
The biggest surprise at the IFA event from Samsung was the Galaxy Camera loaded with Android OS 4.1,16MP camera with 12X zoom,4.8’’ Display,3G or 4G connectivity making it possible to share pictures as soon as you capture them and powered by a bighearted 1.4 GHz Quad Core Processor. 
There is no word on the price yet but we are most probably going to see this device on the shelves by the end of this year.

Samsung event at IFA was jam packed with innovative gadget which truly shows Samsung ability to stand out from the rest of the industry.

2.Updates from Apple

Apple logo
According to the reports the new most speculated newiPhone 5 hoping to get a full overhaul is expected to be releasing in September and the last quarter of Apple could become the most productive for this technology giant. With the unveiling of a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a new iPod touch, a new 21.5-inch iMac and of course iPhone 5 which is reported to be releasing on September 21st.
Where as in October there are the rumors of the launch of iPad mini, iPod Nano and the “newer version” of 10inch iPad.

The other new development from the Apple side is that they now have targeted Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3, one of the best smartphones out there right now winning EISA Award 2012 for best smartphone and Galaxy Note too.

3.Hybrids Computers on Rise

HP Envy X2
It would not be wrong to say that hybrid PCs were the star at IFA. Every manufacture has come with their concept of convertible tablet-utlrabook and letting you have the best of the both worlds. Some notable feature of the upcoming hybrid lineup is most of them are based on Windows 8, secondly they opt to target laptop user more than the tablet users.

Different approach has been used in making a hybrid PC some of them come with a detachable keyboard while other have a slider or a convertible thing which twist the screen over the keyboard transforming it to be used a tablet. In the convertible lineup there is Dell XPS duo 12 and coming to the detachable category we have HP Envy x2 and Dell XPS 10

As we are entering to a creative phase in PC world these hybrids are gaining the importance and not being the jack of all and master of none, these hybrids are powerful ultrabooks with touch screen and other options while on the other side they are the tablets with perfectly matched keyboard and more ports and convenience.

4)Apple vs Samsung: New Developments

Apple vs Samsung
Apple vs Samsung scene is really getting bigger and bigger every day, the score were leveled when Samsung made a win at Seoul and Apple at San Jose but Samsung gives his second blow in Japan where Samsung has won the case against Apple with Tokyo District Court ruling that its technology to synchronize mobile players with computers did not infringe on Apple patents.

The company said in a statement. “We will continue to offer highly innovative products to consumers, and continue our contributions toward the mobile industry’s development,”

Although the loss for Samsung with ruling at U.S court is big but still this Korean giant is playing impressively and a strange rise in Samsung sales have been seen in the market.

Global Equities Research surveyed 16 sellers of the S3. Five reported total or partial sellouts (retailers contacted included Costco, which sells multiple carriers), and others said S3 sales were higher than usual.

"It seems like the knee-jerk reaction from the consumer was... they just ran to the store and they bought it up," said Trip Chowdhry, a managing director at Global Equities Research. Fear of a ban on the S3 "acted like a positive catalyst," he said.

That's All Folks from my side. Hope the weekly round up was helpful for you in catching up. These were the highlights of the week. Stay tuned and subscribe to VisualStudioLearn to stay updated. Peace Out!

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