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Sep 3, 2012

Samsung ATIV tab: Exclusive Hands On Video On Windows RT


Samung ATIV Hands On
With the launch of Samsung ATIV tablet at IFA 2012 and the whole series of windows powered devices and tablet, most of the people are looking forward to to have the experience of how Windows 8 behaves on these devices. 

This time we are into the working mode of Windows RT (the lighter version of windows 8) on recently launched Samsung ATIV tab although the biggest surprise, Surface by Microsoft  which is also based on Windows RT and Windows 8 (same as the desktop version) is still perfectly in the bag.
Samsung ATIV Tab is one of the first in the lineup of ARM powered devices and is loaded with Windows RT having a 2.0 USB port, NFC capabilities, and average screen resolution of 1366 x 768. 

Considering the start screen of this newly developed Windows RT and touch optimized Windows 8 metro apps, the result is just as beautiful and efficient as expected. The response from the OS is effortless and smooth.  

The main thing to have a look at now is the Windows RT desktop mode giving the user a desktop like experience on these tablets which are not as powerful as conventional desktops. So with all these capabilities, are they going to be an Android or iPad killer ??

Exclusive Windows RT desktop mode.

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