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Jun 17, 2013

Create Setup File in Visual Studio 2010


Today I will show you how to create setup or .exe file of your project in Visual studio 2010.

The setup file is very important and After making setup file any one can install your software on respected operating Systems.

So it very necessary for a Developer or Programmer to know how to create a Setup file and How to Deploy or install it on any Operating system.

So let's start.
Step 1 :-
Open your Project.
Note: I am adding this setup life project to my existing project so it is good practice that you Application project and Setup file project should be in the same solution.

Step 2:-
Add New Project With your Existing Project

Step 3:-
Select Setup Project

Step 4:-
Go to Application Folder

Step 5:-
Add Project Output

Step 6:-
Select Primary Output and Press OK

Step 7:-
Go to User Desktop

Step 8:-
Right Click on It's Working window and click Create Shortcut

Step 9:-
Select Application Folder And Double Click It

Step 10:-
Select Primary Output and Press OK

Step 11:-
Give Setup Shortcut name which is Displayed on Desktop as Shortcut

Step 12:-
Right Click Project in Solution Explorer and Build It

You Will Find Setup File in Projects Debug Folder

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