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Aug 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak To Everyone: Eid Ul Fitr 2012 Gifts


Eid Mubarak!
Team “Visual Studio Learn” would like to wish all its Subscribers, Readers, Fans, Visitors and Even Readers who are here for the first time a very Delightfully Joyful Blessed Eid Sa33d Mabrook.

After 30 days of fasting Muslims from all over the world will now rejoice and celebrate this Mega Event which is sure to amuse all!

The day starts on with the Fajr Prayer followed by the Grand Eid Prayers. It is Sunnah to Eat Odd Numbered Dates before Going for the Eid Prayer. After The Eid Prayer. A Swirl of Happiness and Bliss Surrounds the atmosphere with everybody embracing, greeting, hugging each other on this jubilant day.

It is also a day on which people visit each other and give presents and gifts. Also in many countries “Eidi” (Gift Money) is given by the elders for children to spend and enjoy.

So what would you like to gift for yourself or your loved ones?

 Got cash??  How about yourself or your loved ones with the highest megapixel camera phone?

Are you into smart phones? Choose from the top smart phones of all time or the smart phones to look for this fall.

It’s the age Of DSLR’s. Choose from 2 awesomely affordable DSLR’s to gift.

What about the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which has been just released. That is sure to be a jaw dropping gift this Eid.

Do you like tablet pcs but not willing to spend much cash. Worry no more make sure to check out the Cheapest Tablet Ever.

Or maybe wait for the iphone 5 to be released or buy the smart phone king from all of that saved money.

Dont have much money??? No Worries. Learn how to get more money this eid.

Whatever you do we hope you guys have an amazing Eid. Make sure not to forget the poor on this special occasion. May Allah (God) accept your fasts and bless you all.

Cheers and Eid Mubarak People! 

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