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Aug 19, 2012

Eid with No Signal/Cellphone Coverage: Back to the Past in Pakstan


no cellphone services this eid
Radio blackout in major cities of Pakistan starting from August 19th around 8:00 pm to August 20th 11:oo am due to security threats might bring the joys of old time by wishing people face to face, not just by creating an SMS and forwarding to the whole list, by doing so you  might be able to wish all of you contact but the pure essence of wishing physically with hugging each other *three times* might be lost.
But this Eid, it’s time for the traditional Eid cards with title *sabar karo, sabar karo, sabar bari cheez ha aj chand raat ha kal subah eid ha*. The joy of opening those cheap but heavy on emotional side Eid cards is something else.
Here are our 5 tips to survive Eid without cellphone services.
Eid Cards
  1.  Go and hit the market right now to buy some real Eid cards not the Forwarded Messages to whole contact list.
  2. You got the opportunity of pissing someone off big time this Eid by giving him cheap as hell post cards featuring Sunil Shetty with an Anaconda lying on his neck *FTW*
  3. As Chand raat is “Laila-tul-Jaza” so you already got saved from start availing the night packages and  rather spend your time in Prayers *thanks to PTA and Boys zara Sabar* ;)
  4. Watch TV as they air some really good shows on Eid *at last getting rid of Moulana Dr Amir Liaquat, nafil shukrana must ha* :P
  5. Visit you friends and family and talk to them actually facing them, not doing multi tasking thing with looking at them and texting at the same time *that’s sheer skill though,Respect*
These are the five tips to survive this Eid and bring the joys of old time back to Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan.

Stay Blessed and Eid Mubarak *with actually hugging three times* =)

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