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Aug 31, 2012

Samsung New Phone ATIV:Windows Phone, Features, Specs & Review


Samsung ATIV s
IFA is the world’s biggest consumer electronics show which happened in Berlin, there are many products which created a great stir in the market regarding many beautiful and killer products going to be launched at IFA. Among those the new recruitment in Samsung family is ATIV S one of a “killer Phone” with beautiful design, crazy thin, stylish and full of power. Samsung ATIV S is one of the first in the big lineup of Windows Phone that Samsung is coming up with and considering that it is an impressive beginning.After Samsung Galaxy S III this phone is being most discussed everywhere.
Samsung has equipped this phone with the latest and the greatest technology making the it the Superphone having both the style and power.


Thickness: Crazily slim with thickness of 8.7mm 

Chassis: brushed aluminum
Display: huge 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2, tough to break but still light in weight.

Processor:  1.5 GHz dual-core

RAM: 1GB onboard

Rear Camera: 8Megapixel auto-focus with LED flash.

Front Camera: 1.9Megapixel

Storage: 16GB or 32GB – and both models have a MicroSD slot for expanded storage.

Battery: Backing this entire powerhouse is a massive 2300mAh battery to keep you rocking all day.

The Samsung ATIV S will also feature touch-to-share NFC technology, 1 GB of RAM to power all your apps and games, and support GPS and GLONASS to ensure you never get lost.

Samsung ATIV SSamsung really did an amazing job with this impossibly thin Superphone packed with beautiful features and unbelievable design with the a outstanding that Samsung ATIV S gives when you hold it, it’s one of the biggest phone in the lineup but it doesn’t feel that big in your hand making it extremely comfortable and the best past is that it keeps your finger off the screen while holding it *Eureka!*
ATIV S is flat out beautiful, designed with such perfection which makes it perfectly balanced in weight, not making it very light i.e giving a cheap feel nor making it too heavy that you have to rest your fingers. Samsung has given much importance to the details of this phone, for getting to Start Screen  you hit a raised physical Windows button, not a capacitive one, the speaker bar on the front and the back, as well as all of the buttons are aluminum, not plastic and each every aspect of this phone has really worth saying it the Superphone. 

With this Superphone launch at IFA 2012 all eyes are set on Nokia what they have up their sleeves now.
Slimmest ATIV S
Slimmest Phone in the entire lineup Samsung ATIV S in on the right

 Curtain raiser of Samsung ATIV S at IFA 2012

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