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Sep 4, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Eye Glasses & Contacts Forever: Lasik Surgery


No To Glasses
Are you tired of wearing glasses? Or contact lenses? Want to get rid of them forever? LASIK or laser eye surgery is a sight-correction surgery that has a patient satisfaction of 95.4% in the western world. It is gaining popularity worldwide because of its very little after effects, painless procedure, and a very quick recovery period of maximum one week and a minimum of 3 days. This articles is a summarized version of how the procedure works and how much will it actually cost. Not much technical details but here you'l know sufficient information that is needed in order to actually start proceedings if you intend to try it out any time soon.

How It Works?

LasikThe surgeon uses a computer-guided excimer laser to remove calculated amounts of corneal tissue from the eye changing its focusing power, hence treating the refractive error, improving vision and eliminating the use of glasses or contact lenses. One needs to find out whether he is a good candidate for this treatment as there are some prerequisites for this surgery like stable vision, health and age.
About only 5% of cases have shown some complications like dry eyes and hazy vision which can be corrected by an enhancement surgery.

How Much It Costs?

The average price of the surgery in the UK is up to £1,750 and in the US approximately $2000.In Pakistan one would have to pay only a third of these prices which means £600 or $700 which is why Pakistan is becoming a popular treatment location.

Video Explanation Of The Procedure

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