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Aug 6, 2012

Difference Between SOAP and KSOAP


To day I Explain Difference Between SOAP and KSOAP.

As we know that there various  technique to make or develop a web service ,Having Different architecture ,uses ,Properties and Different Ways to utilize these Service on Various Plate from .

Some Major service are Soap ,WCF Service,Rest Full service etc...

To day topic is
In web-service fundamental, I have heard about "SOAP" and "KSOAP."

What are SOAP and KSOAP?
What is the difference between them?
Why should I use one instead of the other one?

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol):-
SOAP is an XML vocabulary used to describe messaging and remote procedure calls between distributed components.Any modern language that works with the Internet is likely to support both XML and HTTP.

Connectivity between applications is very important. Connectivity in any case is very important for that matter but it specially is very important between applications. Connecting web application used to be a big challenge before the advent of technologies like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

SOAP and XML created the solution for the problem that developers were facing before. SOAP is a standard XML based protocol that communicated over HTTP. We can think of SOAP as message format for sending messaged between applications using XML. It is independent of technology, platform and is extensible too.
We have SOAP and XML to give us connectivity between applications. Does it mean that I have to write XML and SOAP specific things myself to facilitate this communications? I could do that but that will be very time consuming and sometimes error prone too.

 KSOAP is a SOAP API based on kXML,where kXML is a lightweight Java-based XML parser designed to run on limited, embedded systems such as personal mobile devices. It is a pull parser which means it reads a little bit of the document at once.

So, KSOAP was specially was designed or developed to deal with small embedded device like mobile devices.

  Most enterprise-level SOAP toolkits often rely on the use of a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) generated proxy object to make function calls. This is useful if a service has a published description and when the toolkit requires the instantiation of several different client and transport objects.
While kSOAP doesn't support WSDL, it does make calling a service relatively painless. Only two objects are required: the SOAPObject and Http-Transport.

SOAP is a protocol used for building web services, and which defines a format used for the exchange of messages that uses XML as base.
KSOAP is a "lightweight and efficient SOAP library for the Android platform."

You cannot use one instead of the other, as they are two different things.

CONCLUSION - SOAP can be a very complex realm to explore, especially the XML mechanisms used to transfer data between disparate systems, languages, and toolkits. The wireless world requires tools of small stature and great power. Luckily when it comes to SOAP, the kSOAP toolkit provides not only small size and great functionality, but also relative simplicity and ease of use for the developer. Using kSOAP, a developer can develop complex SOAP Web services clients in a remarkably short time.

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